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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  October 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the gas blend so there's more fuel available to drive down the price. >> reporter: dianne feinstein weighed in as well calling for a federal investigation into what she calls, quote, malicious trading schemes in the california gasoline market. however, saverin bornstein with the university of california energy center says it's unlikely there's a conspiracy going on by the oil companies. >> what might be going on and would be very difficult to detect is individual companies figuring out if they put less gas on the market, the prices will be a bit higher. and if that's the case, it's going to be very difficult to detect and it's not illegal. >> reporter: so there's nothing against the law about gaming the system but what is there about the system that allows it to be gamed here. >> we use a blend of gas not used anywhere else in the country. as a result, when we get know a supply problem, we can't import gasoline that's used in other parts of the country to smooth
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out that shortage. >> reporter: while the governor's order to allow the winter blend gas to come in is not a long-term answer, at this point the public will take any relief they can get. >> it all counts. 4 gallons for 22 bucks. not cool. >> reporter: it's not cool for any of the drivers here having to pay this much especially when the rest of the nation's gas is even lower than ours by about a dollar. the question, the timing of this? there is nothing like this to get people upset and after all, the election is just a couple of weeks away. >> the timing has people moving. >> whatever. as long as it drops a dime a gallon by midweek. that's all i care about. phil matier at the pumps, thanks. of course what goes up generally comes back down. but why at such vastly different speeds?
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>> cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says a lot of it can be blamed on consumer behavior. reporter: why is it gas surprises shoot up overnight and take forever to come down? according to economists it could be your fault. when gas prices are going up consumers are more willing to drive the extra mile to save a buck. ha. $4.85. so you may drive by, say, $4.85 in hopes of finding something cheaper a few blocks away. by comparison, $4.75 may seem like a steal. it's something station owners are well aware of. while they must raise prices to keep up with skyrocketing wholesale costs they try to stay competitive out of fear you'll just drive by but as prices begin to level off comparison shopping all but stops and suddenly gas stations don't have to be as competitive. an ohio state study on the price comparison app gasbuddy found a 10-cent a week increase at the pump led to a 40%
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increase in comparison shopping. but as soon as prices even began to level off, that 40% almost immediately disappeared. you see, instead of comparing stations to each other, when prices start to drop, consumers begincompare them to what they were last week -- begin to compare them to what they were last week and when that station that was charging $4.85 comes down to $4.75, comparison shopping doesn't seem that problem. gas station owners are only as motivated as their price- conscious consumers. there is another factor. it's wholesale prices increase, station owners can't raise retail prices fast enough to keep up so they lose money on the front end and stations have to wait until they sell the expensive gas before they can refill and even begin to pass on the lower prices. >> gas companies losing money? impossible. >> not so much the gas
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companies as the little station owners. >> sure. thanks, julie. if you want to save some cash, we're here to help. go to and enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. president obama back in the bay area for another fundraising trip tonight. but before his arrival at sfo was a mix of campaigning and history. a bit farther south, president obama visited the place cesar chavez called home and is giving some long overdue recognition. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez attended the ceremony in keene, california. >> the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: president barack obama came to where cesar chavez lived and work chanting the old farm worker slogan of hope and perseverance. yes, it can be done and was done in place chavez named the
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peace. mr. obama announced the had national monument that he called long overdue. >> no one cared about the invisible farm workers who picked the nation's food. but cesar cared and in his own peaceful eloquent way he made over people care too. >> reporter: the celebration was attended by chavez's family members, schoolchildren and thousands of current and former farm workers. although obama wants to shore up votes and support from latinos in a tight presidential race he resisted making this a political speech. >> he came here to dedicate this to honor the man and the legacy that cesar chavez left us. >> reporter: although chavez was born in arizona and spent many years growing up in his early adulthood in san jose, this place la paz is where he did his most significant work often working out of this very simple wooden house. the monument in the town of keane near bakersfield also contains the old headquarters of the united farm workers union. this was the birthplace of
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nationwide boycotts, strikes and fasts by the labor and civil rights leader from 1971 to 1993. the rose garden is his final resting place what do you think cesar would have said about this today? >> don't stop. we haven't finished. keep going. work harder to accomplish more. >> reporter: the cause chavez fought for farm worker rights lives on. in eene, len ramirez, cbs 5. the president is at a fundraiser at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets are $20,000 per person. we'll have more on the money and entertainment coming up at 6:30. even though that election is still 29 days away, you can already vote. today california joined 12 other states in opening up the early voting. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on how those who showed up to their county election offices were able to vote in person.
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mike. >> you can vote early but not often. >> reporter: on election night when the polls close they say with 0% in the -- they say with 0% of the vote in here's the latest numbers? one of those numbers is chris brown. >> i might not be able to vote at the time that i'm supposed to vote because i'm in the process of looking for a job. i might be working two jobs. so... >> reporter: early voting started today in california making it the 13th state to open the polls early 29 days before the november 6 election. >> early voting exists. the voters can come in and vote early and avoid mad rushes and crowds and waiting to the last minute. >> reporter: it wasn't a mad rush at the alameda county registrar's office in oakland. the only place you can vote early in this . mary came in from pleasanton. she could have voted by mail but tried that last time and her vote didn't count. >> we were away on election day
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and i had turned in two absentee requests ballots and my husband got his and i didn't get mine. so i didn't get to vote. >> reporter: so this is a ballot for alameda county, the city of berkeley, there's four different cards, there's 39 different things to vote on, there's 93 choices including -- well, here's the man running for mayor who calls himself da mayor and he is nextzachary running wolf -- he is next to zachary running wolf and tom bates, who is the mayor. 93 separate choices you have to make. so be prepared to spend some time here. >> i have already pretty well made my mind up on the propositions and the candidates. >> reporter: that's a smart way to avoid spending your entire afternoon down here. here in alameda county, 52% they figure will be voting before election day which means you don't have to pay attention anymore if you don't want to but have to suffer through the ads through the next 29 days.
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>> take the time and read the voter pamphlet. >> reporter: it will take time to read that, too. >> thanks, mike. duel be debates in san jose today over whether the city should raise its minimum wage. voters will decide on measure d next month. it would set city's minimum wage at $10 an hour, a 25% bump from the current $8 rate. opponents say it could drive employers to cut hours or eliminate jobs. >> these places were different minimum wages are right next to each other have been studied by economists over decades. their research shows no job losses. >> opponents also claim the wage hike could drive smaller businesses to neighboring cities where labor rates are cheaper. but supporters say there are neighboring communities all over the country that are coexisting just fine despite differing minimum wage rates. >> those members who said they
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pay minimum wage 67% said they would cut employee hours and 43% of them said that they would actually lay off workers. >> san jose mayor chuck reed is among those opposed to measure d. among other things he says the city doesn't have the cash to cover the cost of enforcing the new rule. i'm ann notarangelo in hercules where there will be a vigil tonight for susie ko and a preliminary findings of her autopsy are now in. >> i looked down on the ground and there was this little canister. it was like an old kodak film canister. >> yeah. and inside a message not from a castaway but from a boy scout. how it has connected two california men 40 years apart. >> as the sun sinks low into the west, mostly in the mid- 60s. one number you don't see here, m-3.3. checking up around the bay
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area. we'll have details after a break. ,,,,,,,,
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that.
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hercules woman who was founn her home late friday night. since then, fbi agents have joined the murder investigation of a hercules woman found in her home friday night. since then her home on ash court and redwood road has become a major crime scene with plenty of unanswered questions. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo is live in hercules with late information from investigators. ann. >> reporter: it's been three days since susie ko has been found inside her home and it's still a crime scene. law enforcement was here for 7 hours zeroing in on the home while the family focuses on her missing car. >> we want clues on who did this, we ourselves are spreading the word on looking for this car. there are only two ways in and
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out o hercules. it's a small town. reporter: the 55-year-old was found in the front part of the house and after autopsy revealed she had been stabbed and suffered blunt-force trauma at the head. hercules with only 19 police officers doesn't have the manpower or equipment with only 5 homicides since 2002, they don't have the experience either. >> it's rare we have this thing and most of the time it's more cut and dried so this is a mystery for us. this is why we're working extra hard. >> reporter: ko's family released this picture today the last family portrait taken a few months ago. this tragedy unfolded friday when ko's husband who works in idaho asked a neighbor to check on his wife when she didn't pick him up at the airport. she was found dead and her car was missing. >> such a pretty safe town. i would only think that someone must have been monitoring this area knowing that she was home alone. the neighbors all saw her earlier that day.
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>> reporter: her family quickly set up a website and used social media in the hopes someone will spot susie's sky blue 2011 subaru outback with an idaho license plate. >> we have had several calls on the car but nothing that has panned out. there was apparently even a report as far south as bakersfield. >> reporter: ko was well known a long-time teacher at st. patrick's in rodeo and was involved in the community. >> she was just somebody that was so nice, so generous and like something like this to happen is just unreal. >> reporter: the reaction seems to be the same from people who stop by to pay their respects. quiet disbelief. >> nice person. i don't believe it. >> reporter: the family is going to hold a vigil tonight here in front of the home and the public is invited, as well. it's unclear though when they are going to be allowed to go back inside their house. the police say they may need to keep it's a crime scene for several days. at some point they will go back
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in to learn if anything else besides the car was stolen. in hercules, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. it was not your imagination. a small earthquake rattled the napa valley this morning magnitude 3.3 quake hitting about 9:30 about six miles northeast of vallejo. there were no reports of any serious damage or injuries. for more on that and the weather, brian hackney is filling in tonight. >> an interesting earthquake, too. that happened in a part of the bay area that often gets shaken up. it has since 1984 first let's go to one of the big landmarks in the east bay out of the sierra on the central valley. let's go to the tallest point in solano county from mount vaca and look across at mount diablo. you can barely see it in that shot. and yet those earthquakes had something to do with the building of that peak because mount diablo gets bumped up a couple of millimeters a year. it's a thrust fault. it's caught in between two faults on either side.
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it's pushed up every year and this is one of the contributing causes that little swarm of earthquakes one of which in the orange dot was the magnitude 3.3 from this morning and again it's happening in an area where they have had a little -- it's not a swarm but they have had concentrated earthquakes in there in the past almost 30 years and so this is just one more slight little reminder that it's not just the san andreas and it's not just the hayward fault. there are plenty of faults around the bay area. in fact, innumerable faults. last time there was a big quake on diablo? don't know. but it's capable of triggering a 6.7 and boy would you feel that. 3.3, just a reminder. for the weather headlines a chance of showers in the bay area first time in a long time. temperatures continue cool, weekend beginning to warm it up. time lapse showing us the culprit in all this or the benefactor depending where you come from. you need a little rain you might get a little from that low as it heads south and east. slight chance of a shower in the bay area over the next 24 hours. futurecast bears that out and the time lapse of how the
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atmosphere should behave tomorrow, you can see a little bit of lighting up of radar echoes by tomorrow afternoon. it would not amount to much and mostly over the higher elevations. if you head out tomorrow, looks good from sfo partly cloudy skies. high of 66. might be a little bit of rain in new york but aside from that l.a., denver, chicago look good. we won't look so bad either. we'll get variable clouds in the bay area tomorrow. temperatures will be a little cooler today down about 3 degrees. 67 at hayward. in the far east brentwood 72 degrees. can you believe a week ago it was 105? now it's just in the 70s. up in the north bay tomorrow the numbers will be mostly in the 60s. we'll nudge 70 at the marin civic center at san rafael. 64 at the beach stinson beach. look ahead, we are putting the showers in just because we want to make sure we impress upon you that if you get a drop or two tomorrow or wednesday don't be surprised. predominantly sunshine. look whacks toward the end of the week. we warm up next weekend back in the near 80-degree range again. ear 80-degree range so in the meantime, sunshine,
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not much of a chance of rain. >> turn off the sprinklers. >> okay. a professor the ucsf at mission bay has won the nobel prize in medicine. the nobel committee announced award this morning. the bay area professor is shinya yamanaka, a native of japan. he and a british researcher won for their discovery that mature specialized cells of the body can be reprogrammed to become any kind of cell. well, the nobel committee said the winners have shown that specialized cells can turn back it also said the discoveries will provide new tools for scientists around the world. this morning, a colleague of the bay area winner explained more about the significance. >> it's a major breakthrough because it removes many of the ethical issues that many have had about the use of human embryonic stem cells and it
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opens a whole new host of things we can do and ways to understand human disease using these stem cells we couldn't dream of before. >> the medicine award was the first no beg prize to be announced this year. coming up there are a lot of new ways to catch a ride these days and two more have run afoul of the law. the latest crackdown on 21st century ride sharing. >> and first it was the slow economy. what could cause even more delays for the long-awaited north bay smart train. ,,,,
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dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. we knew they were going to be big and they didn't disappointful bart hit record numbers in ridership this weekend. saturday alone had more than 300,000 passengers breaking the previous weekend record of more
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than 280,000 people. bart added additional trains and train cars during the peak travel times to accommodate for the increase. california continues to crackdown ride sharing businesses. the public utilities commission sent two cease and desist letters to the companies sidecar and lift. they are new alternatives to taxis, but the cpu says that they lack the necessary permits, which ensure drivers are licensed screened and insured to carry passengers. san francisco-based firm uber received the same letter in 2010. another possible setback for the north bay's smart train project. the line was originally going to run from northern sonoma county all the way to the larkspur ferry. with the economic downturn the first phase of the project was shortened from santa rosa to san rafael and now as cbs 5 reporter don ford shows us, the smart train may have run into
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another problem. >> reporter: construction crews are started tearing out the old to bring in the new. old rails and ties being torn out. environmental activists say las colinas creek is home to two special guest. >> there is sensitive habitats two endangered species living here. >> reporter: he belies disturbing the old wooden railroad ties is a dumb thing for smart to do. he wants the work stopped. smart train chief engineer says he may get his wish for a while. >> we are not doing any construction work at this time. we are simply removing the rail, the ties, the construction itself taking place next spring. >> reporter: the project was approved by voters in both sonoma and marin. contracts and permits have been signed and construction is proceeding in sonoma but it's a different
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story along las colinas creek in marin. >> what would make you happy? >> i would like to see ultimately the smart train halted at hamilton. >> reporter: phase 1 construction is already approved to go to downtown san rafael. chief gerbil engineer bill gamlen is trying to be smart about this. >> we'll have resource agencies, monitors on site and we'll be out in advance letting people know construction is coming of the i believe we did that in this area. >> reporter: first track testing will be in 2014. in san raphael, don ford, cbs 5. coming up, the first televised debate didn't help him much but can bay area money help ease the damage? president obama back in san francisco tonight. the poll numbers that suggest the president has a lot of work to do. it's a tab some businesses have paid again and again and again. the latest round of "occupy" anarchist vandalism and the faces police say they have seen
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before. picked it up and unscrewed the cap and this note was in there from a young man named tim taylor. and it said, he climbed this peak. >> apparently that peak doesn't get a lot of foot traffic. the amazing story of two penpals separated by four decades but connected by a famous california mountain tomorrow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is back in the bay area fora pair of san francisco fundraisers. he's hoping a g haul could put a lid on his republican rival's big now at 6:30, president obama is back in san francisco for two fundraisers hoping he could put a lid on his republican rival's big post debate bounce a bounce that catapulted mitt romney into the lead in one national poll. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee breaks down the numbers. >> the president's motorcade just passed through here a few minutes ago on market and the mcallister. he looked down reading a document. he is going to the bill graham civic auditorium to raise money and rally his base. if this new national poll is any indication he needs to cause some inspiration among voters because it looks likes
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he is slipping in the polls. likely voters. that pew research poll that was released this afternoon shows that the president had an 8- point lead before the debate in mid-september. he has dropped significantly and the republican nominee mitt romney is now leading the president by 4 points. clearly the debate last week has given romney a huge bounce in the polls. >> reporter: the presidential candidates are crisscrossing paths in the polls. the republican nominee is fundraising in virginia today. his fourth event in five days in the battleground state feeding off his debate performance he has made ground in two key demographics. among women the president had an 18 point lead before the debate. now they are dead even among female voters. 47 to 47%. among voters under 30 years of age, romney gained 10 points in the days following the first
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debate. now 42% of young voters say they view romney favorably. for the first time the president acknowledged his lackluster debate performance last night in l.a. this following a concert with katy perry and stevie wonder. >> everybody here is incredible professionals. this is an incredible show. they are such great friends. and they just perform flawlessly night after night, uhm, i can't all of us say the same. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there's also a $20,000 fundraising dinner here with singer john legend performing tonight and another will help the president raise even more money by entertaining. the president already collected more than $900 million shattering his fundraising record from four years ago. the president before the
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concert is heading to a dinner $20,000 a plate with celebrity chef alice waters and tyler flood warnings and the 49ers quarterback alex smith is supposed to make an appearance n looking at the numbers, there's a lot of excitement about the president being here but there's also a lot of pressure on the next debate that is coming up in eight days from the vice president and just a couple of days. >> a lot of big events. thank you. while the president is raising money here in san francisco, his challenger is attacking his foreign policy record. mitt romney says hope is not a strategy. the republican nominee told an audience at the virginia military institute that the president's leadership has been especially lacking in the middle east. >> it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. it's time to change course in the middle east. that course should be organized around these bedrock principles. america must have confidence in
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our cause, clarity in our purpose and resolve in our might. >> the obama campaign is dismissing romney's remarks as sabre rattling aimed at covering up his own foreign blunders. and the president is already pushing back with a brand-new ad highlighting romney's summer trip abroad and his initial response to the deadly u.s. embassy attacks in libya. >> and even republican experts said romney's remarks were the worst possible reaction to what happened. if this is how he handles the world now, just think what mitt romney might do as president. >> polls show voters favor president obama when it comes to foreign policy. so where do the candidates stand on the issues most important to you? they are weighing in daily in our exclusive presidential forum at today's topic, their plans to get country working again. one more political note. dana king is off tonight moderating two political debates at dominican university in the north bay. they will be streamed on our
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website if you want to watch, first is a debate between the candidates for the second district congressional seat huffman and roberts. and that's followed by the debate between the candidates for the tenth district assembly seat, mark levine and michael allen. you can see it on starting at 7:00. the san francisco board of supervisors will decide tomorrow if suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi will keep his job. the mayor charged him with official misconduct and demanded his removal after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in connection with a domestic abuse case. this summer the city's ethics commission upheld the charges. it will take a "yes" vote by at least nine of the 11 supervisors to remove mirkarimi. and coming up, same protest, different day. >> this is just getting ridiculous. >> it's very, very disappointing. >> two bay area cities more
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broken glass more damaged property. the latest tab for the clean-up and why police say some of the troublemakers are starting to look very familiar. no other human being had ever been to the top of this peak as far as i could tell. >> it's a nameless mountain peak in the sierra backcountry and now, it will forever connect the lives of two california men. how their paths crossed on a mountaintop 40 years apart. cleaning up after the occupy movement. last night - some some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15%
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. save up to 15% on an ikea kitchen. once again the city of oakland is cleaning up after the "occupy" movement. last night some 200 protestors took to the streets. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us what they left behind. >> it makes me angry because oakland has enough problems.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: people who live in work in oakland are frustrated seeing downtown trashed again. >> this is just getting actually ridiculous. >> reporter: protestors went on a vandalism spree last night breaking windows, splattering paint and spraying graffiti on buildings including city hall and several banks. >> why would you do this now? we should be celebrating what's going on in the bay area. >> if they are going to have an opposition, they should protest in the right way. they shouldn't ever act in violence. >> reporter: this started as an antiwar protest. a group of about 200 met for a rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. demonstrators marched from frank ogawa plaza and around 8:30 dispersed some taking out their anger in destructive ways. city hall is now boarded up covering multiple broken windows. also among the damaged, three banks, offices for kaiser and a.c. transit, and the "oakland tribune"'s new location on 20th and broadway. it's very, very disappointing. >> reporter: rose sutton works in the same building.
6:39 pm
>> i understand we all have political arguments in our own opinions and that's wonderful. that's what america is about. but this doesn't help anybody. >> reporter: nobody was hurt and police made no arrests. now it's about cleaning up. a cost to the businesses and to taxpayers, who will foot the bill for repairs at city hall. but some say the city's reputation is paying the highest price. >> it just kind of tarnishes oakland's reputation within the bay area and nationally. >> reporter: to give you an idea just how expensive some of these repairs will be this bank alone needs to replace 15 windows at about $2,000 ter window, $30,000. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. it wasn't much different when anarchists took the streets in san francisco on saturday. officers in riot gear showed up when the group began to block traffic and vandalize cars and businesses in the financial district. about 20 people were arrested and tonight, we have learned that many of them are suspected to have been part of other
6:40 pm
destructive protests. investigators believe this was the escape group that caused havoc -- the same group that caused havoc in the mission district over an officer- involved shooting last month. most of those arrested are believed to be part of a criminal street gang called the black block. police also seized grenades and an ice pick. a judge approved a request to suspend public hearings sparked by the deadly san bruno gas pipeline explosion. this will allow for closed-door negotiations on fines to be levied against pg&e. those hearings resume next week. the blast killed eight, destroyed dozens of homes more than two years ago. like a message in a bottle, only at the top of a california mountain peak. the bay area man who found the message and where it's taking him now. >> there are some changes coming up in the weather departmentful we have clouds moving in maybe rain too. numbers now in the mid-70s. we have amazing news from
6:41 pm
oregon state university about a 100 million-year-old epic battle frozen in a fossil. that's coming up. >> an nfl player explodes after fans cheer an injury to their quarterback. i'm dennis o'donnell. and can the as kiss it good- bye? the controversial baseball kiss coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the let the pumpkin weigh-off begin. the 39th annual contest was held in half moon bay this morning. this year the king of all pumpkins goes to an oregon grower. the giant gourd tipped the scale at 1,775 pounds. starr says he plans to use the $10,000 grand prize to take his family to disneyland. a california skydiving instructor could be slapped with a costly fine after his student nearly fell out of her harness. the federal aviation administration says he didn't properly secure the straps. in may of 2011, 80-year-old laverne everett from oakdale plunged 13,000 feet in the air but barely made it to the
6:45 pm
ground alive after she slipped out of her harness dangling upside-down as you just saw. when asked about the punishment, she said it's ridiculous. >> regardless what was done, or didn't do or anything, he saved my life. and there's no way i'm going to say anything against him. >> everett became an overnight sensation when the video of her freefall was posted on youtube. the faa is proposing for a $2,200 fine. it is one of the great feelings that comes with climbing a mountain summit. that sense of isolation in the remote wilderness. well, a bay area hiker recently found himself on an unnamed peak in the sequoia national forest. but while standing there, he found more than a spectacular view. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo shows us he found a penpal from the 1970s. >> this peak right here. >> reporter: larry wright was mountain climbing in the sequoias last month when about two miles up, something caught his eye. >> looked down on the ground
6:46 pm
and i saw a little canister, look like an old kodak film canister. picked it up and unscrewed the cap and this note was in there from a young man named tim taylor. it said, he climbed this peak. >> reporter: this is the note written more than 40 years ago. >> tim taylor climbed to this peak thursday, august 17, 1972. age, 13 years. anyone finding this, please write tim taylor. >> reporter: larry didn't have any luck finding the southern california teen who wrote the note. the story went viral. turns out tim is alive and well and is a superior court judge in san diego. he remembers the moment vividly. >> no other human being had ever been to the top of this peak as far as i could tell. and so i wanted to, you know, leave, you know, leave
6:47 pm
evidence that i had been there. >> this is it. >> reporter: until larry happened on the spot 40 years later and found the message. larry plans to meet the judge and even give the note back and is amused by all the attention. >> i started backpacking in 1972 and the same year that that note was written just by coincidence. >> reporter: this is the actual note almost in perfect condition 40 years later that bonds two men who have never even met. reporting from oakland, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. it looks like it was written yesterday. >> he should be handling that with white gloves like the museum guys. >> brian has something a little older. >> i can't wait to show you this. you have spiders around the house? >> yes, but i don't like them. >> you know, have you ever seen one from 100 million years ago? >> no. >> never. >> neither have biologists until they found amber locked
6:48 pm
inside the amber. fossilized tree resin an orb weaver attacking a parasitic wasp 100 million years ago. it's the oldest fossilized record of a spider ever seen and the fact that they caught it at the moment when the spider was about to consume the wasp is incredible. as they said at oregon state university where they did this research, they said that wasp is staring into death at the moment that the sap consumed the scene and preserved it and years later we're seeing it. they are both extinct. their descendants survived and the wasps are still doing the same thing today parasitic little creatures. back on earth, here in the bay area, tonight low clouds cool clear and cool around the bay and inland low pressure spinning abeam the bay area and that natural phenomenon the low that's spinning offshore from san francisco introduces our first chance of showers in the bay area for a while.
6:49 pm
certainly the first of the season because the lows going to move closer to the shoreline then track south and kick inland in about 36 hours. when it does, it gives us a slight shower chance. it wouldn't amount to much but at least it's gets to do a couple of things. first, it will really feel like a change in season tomorrow. and second it might drop a few drops that wouldn't amount to much. it will certainly keep things cool. we dropped about 3 degrees in the bay area. we'll drop another couple of degrees tomorrow. this gives you a get the idea what's going to happen, the futurecast the model of what things should look like tomorrow. here is sunrise right there. you can see the clouds floating offshore a few echoes forecast to pop over mt. hamilton. aside from that there's not going to be much but we have to say there's at least a chance. out the door tomorrow morning patchy fog at the shore, partly cloudy everybody else in the mid-40s. the numbers will be mostly in the upper 60s and low 70s
6:50 pm
except at the shore where half moon bay comes in at 63. 71 morgan hill. in the far east from 105 last week to just 72 at brentwood. 74 at walnut creek. 70 at napa. 72 in vallejo. in the north bay 60s, 60 at berkeley, 70 for oakland and 72 at san leandro. look ahead, we put in the showers just to let you know that we could get a few drops tomorrow and wednesday. clear it out, numbers warm up again on the weekend. so all in all a nice week ahead. sports is ahead, as well. we'll have that after a break. ,,
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sweet smell of champagne was permiating the a's, they eithern , or seems like just yesterday the sweet smell of champagne was permeating the as clubhouse. now they either win three straight against detroit or the season is over. sound familiar? >> we're not pressing. we're not going sit here and bite our fingernails. >> reporter: a very loose as clubhouse this afternoon following a workout on a field that hasn't been painted like this in six-year. fred anderson will make his first start since hurting his owe broke muscle in detrt. >> it ruins our rookie starting pitching streak is one less historic thing that we can do
6:54 pm
this year. >> this series is like a little microcosm of the season rookies and guy hurt 90% of the season. >> reporter: anderson's return to the mound isn't garnering all the attention. albuquerque kissed a ball before tossing it to first base. >> kurt suzuki was traded away. mccarthy was in the hospital for brain surgery. our other guy, he could colon had was suspended for steroids. we turn the rest over to the gods. >> we know he didn't do it out of disrespect. if they want to take it as motivation, that's what they need to do, then that's what they need to do. >> everybody always says i'm from the old school so i probably would have hugged it first. [ laughter ] >> now, like the as, the giants
6:55 pm
can kiss their season good-bye unless they win three straight, as well. ryan vogelsong will start game three tomorrow with barry zito pens the in as game four starter. reds pounded the as the worst -- pounded the giants in the worst game in their history. >> like when you watch the geese fly over, i got my [ indiscernible ] stuff on the mound. >> you know what i mean? i see them coming off that river i notice every time they come off the river after my stroke. it's that kind of stuff. or the half moon the other night a lot of times you just take for granted the full moon or half moon. now al of a sudden you start seeing the moon. >> that guy puts it in proper perspective. the kansas city chiefs are off to a rough 1-4 start and
6:56 pm
the fans are starting to lose their patience with matt cassel. against the ravens yesterday he was knocked with the ground and diagnosed with a concussion. as the quarterback was coming off the field, fans were cheering his injuries! hard to hear on the tv broadcast but offensive lineman eric winston heard it and let loose in the locker room after the game. >> it's sickening! it's 100% sickening! i have never, ever -- i have been in some rough times on some rough teams. i have never been more embarrassed in my life it play football than in that moment. matt cassel hasn't done anything to you people. hasn't done anything to you people. hasn't done anything to the media writers that kill him. if he is not the best quarterback he is not the best quarterback and that's okay. but he is a person. you're one of those people, one of those people this were out there cheering or even smiled, when he got knocked out, i just
6:57 pm
want to let you know, i want everybody to know, that i think it's sickening and disgusting. >> good for him. meanwhile, crazy finish to yesterday's sprint cup race at talledega. tony stewart was in the lead on the final lap. car spun out of control of goes airborne 25 cars involved in the accident. after all the debris and smoke cleared, matt kenseth escaped to win the race. lots of drivers are calling this the biggest accident in nascar history. again, amazingly nobody gets hurt because of the hans device that all drivers are now forced to wear. >> that was crazy. >> all right. thanks for watching. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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